Mon. Apr 19th, 2021

Saffron – A Secret Ingredient to Enhance the Flavour of Food

Saffron is an essential spice in every kitchen. Though this spice is expensive, a pinch can transform the food’s taste by several notches. If you are trying to cook food that includes saffron recipes, you have to buy the perfect Saffron before starting your food preparations. Here is how you can buy authentic Saffron that gives nothing less than absolute flavor and vibrant color to the dish prepared.

Buy high-quality Saffron cautiously

When you decide to buy the highly-priced spice, you have to keep certain things in mind, and we have provided all the information below.

  • A supreme quality Saffron can be identified as the saffron threads in red. It is suggested to ignore the powdered Saffron. There are several disadvantages in buying powdered Saffron as it tends to lose its flavor soon. Moreover, the possibilities of mixing fillers are high.
  • It is better to buy the original Saffron threads with an earthy taste and a little bit of sweet flavor. Moreover, it gives a pungent taste, and you should always use it in a limited manner. If added more, the taste can reverse and become bitter. It is essential to pay more as the production of saffron spice requires hard labor.
  • If you want high-quality Saffron, then it is essential to splurge some fortune. Before you make a purchase, check the quality of Saffron by scrutinizing it. The best saffron threads will be available in a bright red color, and they are also adequately sized.
  • The color of the tendril also matters the most. When you purchase Saffron, it is essential to check the color of the tendril. The tendril is basically orange, and a yellow tendril implies that the quality of Saffron is less.

You can go for ground saffron only when the whole Saffron is not available because the flavor is stronger in the latter. Ground saffron can be considered as an alternative but remember that it is hard to acquire an authentic spice. The place where you buy the spice is also important. Many retailers combine turmeric and paprika with seeing more profit. It is better to purchase the Saffron from reliable sellers.

How to add Saffron to the dishes?

There are many ways you can utilize to include more flavors by adding the saffron recipe. Most people are confused when it comes to adding spice to the food. Here are the different ways to add Saffron to your dish.

  • You can soak the saffron threads to get a more significant flavor, and it is the commonly used method to add Saffron to the recipe. Crumble the threads and soak them in water for a few minutes and add it to your recipe.
  • Toasting is yet another way. You can slightly toast the saffron thread before adding it to the food.
  • You can include the spice directly in the food, and the ground saffron is intended to use directly.


Buy the best Saffron from a reliable outlet and savor your taste buds. If you have saffron recipes, then it’s time to try out cooking now.



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