Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

Scottona: Selecting The Best Meat For Buying

When visiting your local grocery store and looking through the meat aisle, you can hardly differentiate between the meat pieces they sell. How to figure put the cuts that are suitable for braising and steak? If you have adequate knowledge of the meat pieces you are looking for, it is easy to shop for the meat. However, without adequate knowledge, you need to gain an understanding of the concepts to know what makes the meat tender or tough. If you want to buy tender steaks, you need to go for low-activity muscles. The groups of muscle fibers that are soft to touch make the meat tender.

Chewy tender and steaks

Choosing the tender meat cuts with one or few muscles with the cut makes the meat ideal. With several muscles present on the meat pieces, you can expect the connective tissues to stick around and fibers running in different directions making the steak tougher. If you are planning to braise the meat, the pieces containing the connective tissues provide a good option. When purchasing meat from a butcher, you can specific the kind of meat pieces you desire. For instance, many people prefer buying scottona to prepare the different kinds of meat dishes. Similarly, meat containing fat has more flavor than lean meat, which makes it somewhat chewy.

Muscle grains in the meat

You can look for harsh meat grain with groups of fibers that are clearly visible as it shows the toughness of the muscle. If you cook meat with visible muscle grains, you can get a braised texture. Before you go ahead and buy meat from the butcher, you need to boost your knowledge about the cuts and pieces if you have any preference regarding the dish.  Moreover, you must choose a butcher with experience of selling meat can modify the cut and deliver the preferred meat pieces.


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