Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

Camping Mistakes That You Need To Avoid


When you have planned a camping trip, your camping kitchen will be smaller enough to fit in the backseat of your car. You have to do your cooking with just cooler, plastic containers and fewer ingredients. However, it doesn’t mean that you will be having boring meals during your trip. There are bunch of recipes that can be done in a delicious way combining few items. 

On your camping trip apart from having protein bars and beverages, you and your family definitely need nourishing and safe food to keep you active during your trip. From you get easy yet interesting recipes that can also involve your kids in a fun way. You will get some idea on how to pack them to keep them fresh for few days.

To keep your food safe, follow the safety packing and cooling practices. It is safe and good to use a thermometer to ensure that your food is below 40°F. keep the cooler away from sunlight. Finish the perishable food items during the beginning days of your trip. Store leftover food in airtight containers. 

Now that you are ready with your supplies, you need to know how to prepare yourself carefully the campsite to avoid unnecessary frustration. 


Tents are available in various styles, quality and ease of setup. Before you leave for camping trip make sure that your tent will stand up any weather condition. Check the zipper, poles and fabric are in good condition. 

Create List

Depending on your camping spot and activities you have planned, your trip will need a lot of things. It is better to create a list to avoid missing some important items.

Arriving in The Dark

Make use of sunlight and ensure that you have at least three to four hours of sunlight at the campsite to set up the tent and cook your food. It will be frustrating to work in the dark and also dangerous. When you arrive earlier, it will be easy for you to learn about the surroundings.

Bringing Too Much

Space is of too much importance on a trip. Avoid bringing unnecessary clothing, gadgets and gears. 

Food Storage

While packing, don’t rely on some simple coolers. They won’t keep your food cool for a longer time. 

Food attracts critters. So, pack your food properly that minimizes smell to avoid wildlife friends from visiting you. It is safe to put the cooler in your car. 


When it comes to clothing, you don’t need a lot of them but bring the essential ones. It is quite easy to forget warm clothing since most of the camping takes place during warm weather. However, storms or cold wind may occur anytime. The right clothing will save you from getting ill.


Having some good practice beforehand will surely give you better camping experience and you won’t waste your precious camping time. Practice how to set up and tear down your tent and check whether your equipment like, stove, cooking appliances etc., are in good condition and learn how to use them if they are new. 

Camping is fun only when everything goes right. With these tips in mind have a safe and good time camping. 

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