Mon. Apr 19th, 2021

Financial Reason People Get Married Your FInancial Advisor Can Help With

Getting married usually ties in with the feelings of security, love and oneness with a spouse, however there are many benefits to getting married which revolve around the concept of finance.

In addition to the prospect of potentially marrying in to a wealthy family, there are multiple other financial gains of marriage which makes tying the knot all the more appealing. Once you’ve had a look at subjects like catering prezzi matrimonio online, you’ll quickly see that a financial adviser can indeed help you in many areas to cash in on the matrimonial side of life.


In some countries married couples can make the most of lower tax rates on a combined income. Filing taxes as two separate entities can result in much larger taxes, however combining the total assets and filing them as one can save a couple money, which can then be spent on more important things in the household.

The real benefits of this can truly be seen when one partner is in a much lower pay bracket, the spouse effectively drops a bracket and the difference can really be seen.

Credit card boosters

Playing the game needs to be done right in order to make the most of credit cards in marriage.

To begin with, each partner should sign up for their own credit card which effectively means double the welcome bonus. Then as time goes on, a couple can pool their spends together and start building up rewards or cashback, depending on the scheme their credit card company is offering. As rewards can be built faster with two sets of spending rather than one, it makes sense to keep all spends under one hat so to speak. A financial adviser can offer more advise on the subject of credit cards and perks.

Lower costs of living

Much like coming together to reap the rewards of a credit card scheme, costs of living can also be seen to be heavily reduced per person.

Where one person would be responsible for their rent, food, utilities and other bills, in a marriage it becomes a joint effort meaning the costs are now shared between two people.

This alleviates a hefty amount of the stress and strain of money and even leave a little allowance for savings and furnishing a property.

Lower insurance costs

Yes there are perks here too. Especially in areas like health insurance which can soon mount up, having a spouse can certainly help you out in reducing the amount you have to pay out. 

If a partner works from home or is self employed they will have a much lower quote than someone who works as a builder or a wrestler. The job they entail is much lower risk, meaning their costs will be a lot lower. When put together with the spouses application for health insurance, the overall cost can be much more attractive. Again this is an area for financial advice.

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