Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

3 Traditional Mexican Salsas That Are the Soul of Mexican Cuisine

The most popular condiment in America isn’t ketchup or mustard. In fact, America’s favorite condiment isn’t even from this country. More traditional Mexican salsas are consumed each year than any other seasoning or relish. 

There are plenty of store-bought salsas you can serve with chips. But if you want the authentic and best traditional Mexican salsa, you’ll want to take a little time to make your own. Read on and explore some of the best salsas north of the border.

  1. Pico de Gallo

This is the most common type of salsa. It’s super fresh ingredients, and chunky texture makes it a substantial and flavorful addition to any dish. You can whip up a batch of “pico” really fast.

Dice tomatoes, cilantro, onions, garlic, and jalapeño peppers and combine the ingredients into a bowl. Stir, and you have a fresh and delicious topping for salads, burritos, eggs, or other favorite foods.

  1. The Green Traditional Mexican Salsas

Most salsas are red because of their high tomato content, but the “green salsa” packs a mighty punch. Salsa Verde gets its green color from the cooked tomatillos and chiles that make up the base of this spicy favorite. 

To make it, roast your tomatillos and chiles in garlic until they have a slight char. Blend them with onion, lime juice, and cilantro and serve. 

Guacamole isn’t often thought of as a salsa, but it is a traditional Mexican avocado salsa! It’s smooth and creamy texture makes it a perfect complement to spicy foods. It’s also vegan, all-natural, and delicious!

Combine avocado, salt, lime, garlic, salt, and cilantro in a bowl and mash into a paste. Leave it chunky if that’s your style, or keep working the mixture until it is smooth. 

  1. Super Simple Salsa

One of the easiest ways to make traditional Mexican salsa is with this recipe for tomato jalapeno sauce. Roast two tomatoes and then blend them with half an onion, a clove of garlic, and half a jalapeno pepper. You just made delicious Salsa Rojas!

Put this traditional Mexican salsa recipe to good use by visiting They have a fantastic huevos rancheros recipe that will pair perfectly with homemade traditional Mexican salsa. 

Spice Up Your Life

Making fresh and delicious traditional Mexican salsas is simple and easy, but they elevate your meals like no other sauce or condiment. Mix it with your beef or turkey to make spicy burgers, or use it as a base for chilis, soups, and stews.

Salsa is a versatile ingredient in many recipes, and it’s also a delicious addition to traditional Mexican cuisine like tacos, tamales, and enchiladas. You can also pair it with chips while watching a movie or enjoying a glass of wine. 

No matter how you enjoy your salsa, you’ll enjoy it more when you make it yourself from fresh ingredients. For more fabulous recipes and food ideas, explore the rest of our site.

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