Thu. Jan 28th, 2021

Awesome Tips to Keep in Mind Before Visiting a Neighborhood Bar or Pub

Visiting your neighborhood bar or pub is a great way to unwind and forget about your daily stressors. But, you know how it is there. As you walk into a crowded bar on a Saturday night, you want to begin making a game plan right away. You may wonder how to get to the bar and order a drink without shoving or cutting in front of anyone. No matter how excited you are to get your favorite drink or play pool at a pub like Mad Hatter Pub, there are things you must keep in mind for a great pub experience. These include the following:

Have Patience

The majority of neighborhood bars get a huge crowd during peak everything hours. Even if you think servers don’t notice you, know that they will get to you as soon as they can. Pub servers are trained to attend to guests in the order in which they arrived. If you think a server forgot your order or whatever you requested, just ask nicely again to remind them. If you want to speed things up, just be nice.

Respect Bartenders

Neighborhood bars are casual and most of the people who go there have a few drinks with friends and family members while listening to music or watching people play pool. Although the music may be loud at times, don’t shout out just to get the attention of the bartender. What you should do is just stand in front of a bartender and they will look up and ask you what you would like. Sometimes, they may ask you to wait a second.

Decide your Order

The majority of neighborhood bartenders on average make the most famous mixed drinks and don’t know how or have the time to create an amazing drink like what a specialized mixologist can. In a noisy bar, having a conversation about the names of cocktails to recommend for a person who wants something sweet but not too strong can be difficult. However, if you share what you want, the majority of bartenders may see what they can for you. Just don’t be picky and whether you like the resulting mix or not, you will need to pay for it. 

Ensure to Give a Tip

Although giving a tip is not a requirement, it’s something you want to do out of courtesy. Most bartenders depend on their tips and a lot of them get nothing from their pay after taxes are taken out based on sales. You can freely decide the amount you want to give.


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