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Is wine good or bad for you?

Wine. That ancient elixir which we consume for good times and relaxation – as well as its sumptuous flavour. Wine online is a great resource to access fantastic organic wines. However, it does have some less than positive connotations, especially when it comes to the alcohol aspect.

So, is wine good or bad for our health?

The answer, as with many things, exists not in black and white, but in shades of grey.

85% of the wine is overwhelmingly positive, created with such contents as water, anthocyanin, and polyphenols like resveratrol. These all have proven positive effects on the body and are beneficial in a myriad of ways.

However the 15% of it which is considered ‘bad’ is the ethanol – the alcoholic aspect, which is also the fun part, right?! Wine has typically between 5% to 22% alcohol content. Alcohol is a neurotoxin, and when it is metabolized by your liver it is converted into a carcinogen called acetaldehyde. This is, in short, bad for you, so must be consumed in moderation.

If you want to continue to drink wine and other alcoholic beverages safely, then moderation is of vital importance.

How much can I drink without risking my health?

For men: two 5 oz glasses of 12% ABV  Wine

For women: one 5 oz glass of 12% ABV Wine

This equates to around 7 drinks a week for women and 14 drinks per week for men

You could be wondering why men can drink more than women. There is a specific scientific reason for this. Men have more of the enzymes needed to metabolise alcohol than women do, by a factor of two.

Sulphite Free Wine

This can have a big effect on your health and how you feel. A lot of winemakers add artificial preservatives into the wine in order to improve the flavour as well as to make it last longer. Some of this is more sensitive to sulphites than others, we should be aware of the effects on our bodies and how they make us feel. Take this into account when searching for wine online and maybe opt for sulphite free wine.

What is the maximum that I can drink per day?

If you are a fan of wine, then you are going to drink some from time to time, and that’s cool. What you should be wary of is staying under the excessive drinking benchmark. If you decide to use your wine up in a single go, then you should stick to the guidelines of 3 drinks a single day for a woman, and for a man no more than 4 drinks a day. Note: this means other nights of the week you shouldn’t drink to stay under the limit of the previous point.

Know your limits.

While we can give you all of the frameworks and guidelines you can shake a stick at, it’s important that you know your own personal limits. We are all, each of us, unique and therefore are able to safely process alcohol to a more efficient or less efficient extent.

After reading all of the evidence, the conclusion is you should drink in moderation – for a better life, a better drinking experience, and better health.

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