Thu. Jan 28th, 2021

Basic Steps To Make Craft Beer At Home

Beer lovers are found in every major corner of this world. People go to bars to chill and have some beer. We have seen this trend at a very high rate in the USA. We all know that we don’t think about money when it comes to our favorite things. People spend a huge amount of money to have their favorite beer. But going to a bar is not the only option to have a beer. There are two other options too to satisfy your beer cravings. One is to buy wine online and second is to make beer at home. You must be thinking that it is a complex process and it must take a lot of your effort. But let me tell you that beer can be made easily at home. Beer is made both on a large and small scale. A large scale requires many laborers and machinery. But making a beer on a small scale requires the effort of a single person only and beer made at a small scale is called craft beer. We are here to tell you the steps that are required in making a craft beer and that too at home.

Buy and get the right ingredients:

This is the first and most important step. You have to buy the ingredients first according to the type of beer you want. Things like grains, hops, malts, and brewer’s yeast are must things to have while making a beer. Other than that the flavor of the beer will be selected by you and according to that only you will buy a flavor extract. Just keep this thing in mind that getting the right ingredients is very important as it decides the taste of the beer.

Wash and Sanitize:

You must be thinking that what do I need to wash and sanitize? Equipment is the answer. Some specific equipment is required to make beer at home like siphon, growlers, carboy, and many other things that are required in the beer-making process that needs to be washed and then sanitized properly to prevent and protect the beer from getting affected by any kind of bacteria. Wash the equipment a night before you are planning to make the beer.

Brew it:

Now starts the main beer-making process. Boil the spring water in a pot up to around 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Then after steeping the grain for 20 to 30 minutes put the water to boil after taking the grains out of it. After that add the malt and let it boil for 45 minutes and then add hops in it. Once you are done boiling it, cool down the beer by placing the pot in a bowl containing big ice cubes.

On to Fermentation:

Yeast is an ingredient that is used in the beer to ferment it. Once your beer is all chilled, pour it in the carboy through using a funnel. The fermentation process begins when you add yeast in the beer that you have just poured in the carboy. Make sure to stir the beer after adding yeast in it so that it spreads evenly. This process takes a little longer as yeast needs a proper time to ferment the beer. Approximately takes a week to ferment.

Carbonate it:

Once your beer is fermented the next step is carbonating the beer. Many people often skip this step but it should not be skipped at all. For carbonating the beer, make a mixture of water and corn sugar in a different glass and then add it in the beer.

Shift it to the growlers:

Take a 64-ounce growler and prepare it. For shifting the beer into the growlers you need a siphon. Siphon is an equipment through which you can transfer any liquid from the upper level to a lower level. So put one side of a siphon in the bottling bucket and the second side of it in the growler.

Leave it for a while:

Beer making is a very easy but long process. It takes a lot of time in each step of making it. Once you have shifted your beer to the insulated growlers you have to let your beer age. Aging the beer will take two whole weeks. After two weeks it will be carbonated and aged completely.

Drink and Enjoy:

Your beer is ready to be consumed or served after the above steps. Take a beer glass and pour your beer into it. Garnish the glass with lemon or any garnishing material of your choice and enjoy it.

These were the steps that are mandatory to follow to make a craft beer at home. Making beer at home has two benefits. Number one is that the taste is completely different from the beer that you have outside and you will fall for its taste. Number two is that you will feel proud of yourself with the taste of beer that has produced.


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