Mon. Aug 2nd, 2021

Comparison of Benefits of Beef with Bison Replacement in Your Diet

Many of you must not be aware that Bison is America’s national mammal.  Bison is one of the largest mammals on this continent, and they are really majestic and also impressive creatures. 

Nowadays, Bison has also generated plenty of buzz in the health and culinary worlds. We must know about various benefits of eating bison, whether bison meat is healthy whether it is red meat and whether we should eat ground bison etc.

Papa Earth Bison meat generally takes great care while sourcing farms, which raise their livestock based on their set principles – only free roaming animals, there will be no use of any hormones or sub therapeutic antibiotics on animals and feed them with proper natural diet only. 

Most people of Canada have never ever tasted bison as it was not available until recently. Nowadays, you can find them on the menu list of few restaurants as an exotic item. Slowly now it has started making its way in homes too, where people want certain low-fat alternative to beef. 

There is a strong perception that Bison is healthier and its popularity is really exploding. Now it has really broken out from natural food stores or specialty meat shops and available even at the butcher shops of few mainstream supermarkets. 

Both bison and beef have almost similar flavors and also share similar benefits like having all 9 amino acids and vital minerals and vitamins. When you compare bison nutrition to beef nutrition, then bison always wins hands down.

If you want low cholesterol, low fat, and nutrient-dense meat as your regular part of diet, then consider only bison and nothing else. A grass-fed bison has 3 to 6 times of Omega-3s that found in other grain-fed animals, which is equal to what you get out of salmon.

Few other bison’s positive aspects are that bison is one of the rich sources of beta-carotene, an antioxidant. Also, grass-fed bison can boast of having 4 times vitamin E as compared to grain-fed beefs. 

If all that does not convince you about the benefits of bison, then you must know that bison has also won prize for having highest-known conjugated linoleic acid level, which is also called as CLA. 

Also evidence has been found that this is also anti-carcinogen as well as fat blocker which could reduce any risk of quite a few numbers of diseases like diabetes, obesity, cancer, and many other immune disorders.

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