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Here is a recipe of rakshanbandhan mithai, make the festival memorable

Rakshan Bandhan is a festival that celebrates the bond between the siblings. The festivals are followed by rituals that include sister tiea sacred thread on their brother’s wrist. The rituals protect the relationship between the siblings. While tying Rakhis, sisters offer sweets to their brothers and it returns brothers present them with special gifts or money to their sisters. Make the festival memorable by preparing Raksha Bandhan mithai. Sweets are an integral part of the festival. It can also be made at home, the unique sweet that you prepare on the auspicious Rakhi day is Rasgulla. It is a milk-based content made by curdling milk, whey, and palpating the milk solids to make the balls. These balls are soaked in hot water syrup until it becomes light and spongy

Step to make rasgulla recipe

  • Rinse the bottom utensils to boil the milk and splash the milk continuously to avoid the burnt beneath. Pour the milk in a bowl and allow it to boil for a few minutes. Stir the milk frequently to avoid a layer of cream forming on top. Mostly use homogenized milk, when the milk gets hot and continues to boil. Pour 2 teaspoon of lemon and stir the milk until it turns to curdle.
  • Turn off the stove and stir well, if the content is not curdy then add another teaspoon of lemon juice. At last, pour the cool water or put on the ice cubes. This makes the rasgulla soft and allows it to stay for 2 minutes. Pour the curdy substance into a colander lined with a thin cloth. Rinse it well to remove the lemon flavor.
  • Wrap the chenna in the cloth and stir it well under running water until it cools down. Finally, make a knot of the cloth. Squeeze out the water as much as possible. then hang the cloth on the hook for 1 to t ½ hours. The timing can differ, it depends on the type of milk.

To make rasagulla knead the chenna 

  • To find out the right consistency of moisture in chenna, take the small position of chenna in your fingers and scrub it gently on the smooth chopping board. The consistency of chenna shouldn’t be sticky and crumbly or grainy. The mixture varies if you use homogenized milk and blend the kneads with your fingers until it turns smooth and uniform
  • The process takes 3 to 5 minutes. If the substance of the chenna is very grainy then continue the kneading process for another 5 minutes. After the kneading process, rasgullas shrink immediately after taking off the heat. Divide the dough into equal portions. Make the rasagulla in ball format which is crack free.

The process to make rasgulla

Take a wide pot and pour water. Allow it to boil and add sugar and cardamom pods until the sugar gets dissolved. At last, the syrup is ready and put on the balls. Keep the pot covered until it gets boiled, you could see the rasgullas puffs and doubles in size. serve the delicious rasgulla after chilled or at room temperature. Homemade Raksha Bandhan mithai makes your festival healthier and tastiest one. Rasgulla brings joy in the auspicious day and everyone in the family likes the sweet.

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