Tue. May 18th, 2021

Everything You Need To Know About Classic French Foie Gras

One of the classic and delicious dishes gets prepared from foie gras (pronounced as “fwah-grah” around the world and especially in France. The liver of a goose or duck that gets enlarged with some specialized technique of feeding makes up what we call French foie gras, and it has been around in the world since the ancient period. And it is also one of the luxury food around the world. And if you have rolled over the internet, you might have read about the controversies related to foie grass. So let us discuss why it is so controversial. 

Controversies About Foie Gras: 

As we have discussed that the French foie grass gets produced by a specialized technique, and that involves force-feeding. It is also gets compared to cruelty and torture. Duck and goose get fed extra to pump more food that they will not even voluntarily eat usually, through the funnel fitted with a long tube. And the process continues for 12-17 days at a stretch and feeding them twice or thrice a day.

And this turns out to be stressful and a threat to the lives of animals and often damaged their own throats due to heavy usage of the apparatus for feeding. And their throat gets swelled up by ten times than the usual size, which impairs function and restricts the blood flow that makes breathing difficult for the bird. 

How To Cook Foie Grass: 

By searing a whole in a hot pan, there are many conventional 

Methods for cooking foie gras to puree and turn it into a mousse. Another technique that you can try is by seasoning with herbs, salts, and pepper. Cut the liver in sections and try to keep it whole, and place it carefully in a mold. You can pour cranberries and walnuts that are chopped with a distilled solution for about 15 mins. And the solvent you can spread it on foie grass. Place the whole into an oven and heat it for over 30 minutes. 

Tips To Get French Foie Grass From The Supermarket: 

One of the most common foie grass available in the supermarket is the duck foie and has a rich rustic sour taste that gets widely influenced by the native soil. To get a high-quality product make sure to check the producer and processing method. A premium quality foie gras will have a homogenous spotless texture and color.

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