Tue. May 18th, 2021

Level up your corporate events with themed food nights to remember

Hosting a party or get together for your corporate team can make a real statement in multiple ways. By making a big show and dance about the events you are not only signalling that you care about the team, but it also depicts that you are a force to be reckoned with by making a real statement of quality, time and effort.

Corporate events are key for building long term relationships with potential business partners and clients, so making the right impression is key. Searching for festa aziendale online will give you some great ideas on where to get started, but here’s some ideas to keep your parties fresh and make sure they are remembered for all the right reasons.

Festive cheer

The winter period is often a traditional time of year to hold corporate events as it gives the perfect platform to recap the past year, and celebrate any successes with those who helped to create them.

Décor for festive events can be as elaborate as you like as this is the time of year where anything goes and anything shiny or glittery will probably be well received.

Catering can be done one of two ways, either as a formal sit down occasion with silver service and an impressive selection of premium dishes, or a buffet finger food table which is kept topped up throughout the night. Paired together with a free drink on arrival and a bar to keep the champagne flowing throughout the event, the evening will be well remembered for some time to come.

Summer BBQ

Everyone you can think of will always love a BBQ. Chilled, laid back and with all the ingredients for a relaxing afternoon, an outdoor BBQ in the sunshine will be a guaranteed winner for a corporate event.

A menu can be kept relatively simple with the usual favourites of burgers, sausages and corn on the cob. But go a step further to ensure there’s alternatives for those with special dietary requirements and make a bigger impact on the team attending.

Decorating for a BBQ can be kept equally as simple with some bunting and maybe a handful of benches and parasols for shade from the sun. Make it even more of a special event by inviting families too. Happy workers and corporate partners will always bring more back to a company.


Ditch all the bars and create an event which is fun and full of life. Corporate events themed around a carnival can bring a huge morale boost with so much excitement buzzing throughout the event.

Invite anyone and everyone to the event, obviously making sure the key players you intend to impress are top of the guest list. Set up long benches so everyone can be a part of the experience and integrate tasty treats to keep guests busy.

Add some entertainers and a wine selection, the event will be talked about for the rest of the year.

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