Thu. Jan 28th, 2021

Celebrate Wedding Anniversary With Delicious Cake

Any occasion is incomplete without a delicious cake. So, a wedding anniversary decoration must include a cake to make the day special and memorable. It turns more special when a husband or wife prepares the cake themselves with unbelievable efforts to express care and love for their partner. In case you don’t know how to bake one, you can opt for online cake delivery in Patna, Delhi, Chennai, Gurgaon, in short, wherever you live.

Below-mentioned is a list of some of the unique designer cakes that may suit the liking of your partner:

Doughnut Nut Cake:

Who doesn’t like doughnuts? Couples who love food and enjoy it together would definitely love this cake on this special occasion. A layer of real doughnuts would be added to the cake, and it would be filled with molten chocolate and also can be sprinkled with nuts and white chocolate balls, or whatever you like for the decoration.

The cake would look amazing for the wedding and also for a wedding anniversary.

Miniature Cake:

This cake looks adorable and will melt the heart of your spouse on the special occasion of a wedding anniversary. This delicious cake is in the shape of a miniature couple holding hands or hugging each other; basically, this can be customized according to the needs. The dresses of a couple are made and decorated with edible white chocolates of different colours, which gives it a detailed structure.

The cake will catch the eye of every person in the room and also looks aesthetically classy. These cakes are made with fondant and can be customized according to the buyer.

Adorable Couple cake:

This cake is a fantasy in its own way. The look and texture of the cake are flawless and look like the work of a perfectionist. The passion for cake decoration is easily visible on this cake. The cake is baked with a chocolate brownie base, and the icing is done with crème. On top of the cake, there is a miniature of the wedding couple in 3D.

The miniature figures of the husband and wife look adorable and cute.

Swan Cake:

The swan cake is an absolute delight, and the chocolate used in this particular cake is Belgian chocolate. The chocolate cake has been covered with vanilla icing on top, and the butter crème is used for the texture. The cake tastes delicious, and it is topped with two swans that represent the wedded couple. Again, perfect for an anniversary celebration.

Butter crème mango mousse cake:

This cake looks stunning in pictures if you care about that. The color combination on this cake is yellow and white, which is achieved by the use of vanilla and mango flavor.

On the base of the cake, white chocolate and golden sprinkles in the shape of stars and moon are placed, and the topping on this cake is mango jelly, which tastes great on a crème cake. This is also an excellent choice for a couple who loves mangoes and wants to make the occasion of their wedding anniversary special.

These are some of the basic cakes that are mostly ordered by people at their wedding anniversary celebrations. All of these cakes are designer cakes, which means that they will look professionally great and taste even better.

One can order these cakes online and get it delivered at their doorsteps or book them through agencies or local bakeries.

Make the day of your wedding anniversary special for your partner and memorable to cherish in the years to come. Apart from these, there are

other cakes as well, such as red velvet delight, blueberry chocolate, butter crème sweetness. Wish them a happy wedding anniversary with a perfect cake for the day.


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