Mon. Apr 19th, 2021

Types Of Nut Butters And Their Benefits

The world is much familiar with peanut butter spreads, that is generally an all- time favourite of a lot of kids and adults alike. The famous peanut butter and jelly sandwiches is a staple breakfast in almost every household. Not only is it popular for its taste but also for the countless health benefits that it offers. However, not everybody can enjoy peanut butters. Peanut allergy is the second most common of all food allergies in the world, that afflicts a majority of the population. Statistics show that 1 out of every 200 individuals, has a peanut allergy especially in the western side. It has known to cause anaphylaxis and even death in some individuals.

Fortunately though there a lot of nut butters available in the market that are in fact giving a close competition to peanut butters in terms of taste quality as well as health benefits. Nut butters are a healthy alternative to butter spreads, and they can be made from almost all nuts including walnuts, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts and even from coconuts and soy nuts! Here is your guide to some of the more healthier alternatives of nut butters with their nutritional value.

Almond Butter

If you are looking to broaden your taste palettes, almond butter is a very good option for those with or without peanut allergies. It tastes just as great and is very similar in its thickness to that of peanut butter. In fact it is much greater in nutritional value, owing to the fact that it has 3 grams more of heart-healthy monounsaturated fat per serving than peanut butter. It is also low in sugars and provides extra calcium, about 60 mg more per serving. It is hugely popular world-wide, among a lot of health conscious fitness fanatics. You can find a jar of almond butter spread in almost every household in Australia.

Cashew Butter

Cashew butters are lower than peanut butters in fat and protein, but can be higher when it comes to sugars. But you can look for versions with low salt, oil and sugar that are easily available in the market .It can be a good options if you want to avoid all legumes like peanuts and soybeans. It is also high in iron, completing almost 10% of your daily requirement.

Coconut Butter

Although coconut butters do not nutritionally standout in comparison to that of other nut butters. They have high amount of fat as well as sugars. They are a lot of benefits of adding it into your diet. Coconuts are considered as a great anti-oxidant promoting blood sugar regulation and preventing the risk of heart disease.Walnut Butter

Because of their high omega-3 fatty acids, walnuts are known as super foods. The fact that you can make butter spreads out of them makes them a healthier alternative to other nut butters. They are not so easily available in all markets but you can look into health-specific food stores or even online. It might be a bit high on fat and lower in protein but are nonetheless good for a healthy diet because of their omega-3 content.




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