Mon. Mar 8th, 2021

Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Pistachios (Last One is No Fun Though)

Pistachios are known as the happy nut in some parts of the world such as in China. There are also countries such as Iran that refer to this green nut as the smiling nut. Others simply refer to pistachios as the green almond.

You can consume whole nut pistachios or choose to ground them up to add some crunch into your dishes. There is also the option for you to try out pistachio paste or butter which can likewise be a perfect garnish. In this case, try to research online to find out more about pistachio butter where to buy it, as well as its many uses in your kitchen. Aside from this, below are some other fun facts about pistachios.

  • Food for Royalty

At one point in history, pistachios were considered exclusively as food for royalty. This is after Queen Sheba passed a decree that it is illegal for commoners to grow pistachio trees. Following this, the queen took all of the country’s pistachio harvest solely for the consumption of the royal court.

  • Pistachios and Mangoes are Cousins

Both pistachios and mangoes come from the evergreen tree family, which means that they are distant cousins, even if you don’t see any resemblance between the two. Other plant species that come from this family is poison ivy, which is in no way similar to either mangoes or pistachios.

  • Sign of Good Luck

Traditionally, many people believed that hearing the shell of the pistachio nut crack is a sign of good luck. This particular belief originated in Israel and Russia. Additionally, in the Middle East, the cracking sound of a pistachio shell is a good omen for a happy and lasting relationship, which is why many couples in this region tend to meet under a pistachio tree.

  • Brings Warmth

In India, pistachios are eaten during the winter months because they believe that it can warm them from the inside. In fact, they call pistachios the hot nut. Thereby, if you are looking into cutting down your energy bills this winter, then consume more pistachios.

  • Special Mention in the Holy Scripture

In the bible, only two nuts have been mentioned and pistachios are one of them. Specifically, it was mentioned in the Book of Genesis. Pistachios are part of the food that Adam brought with him to earth, which means that pistachios were present in the Garden of Eden. Thus, it is proper to say that pistachios are biblical.

  • Pistachios Can Be Deadly

Yes, you read it right. If harvested or processed poorly, pistachios may not be safe for consumption and can even be fatal. This is because of aflatoxin, a chemical found in some mistreated pistachios that can cause cancerous mould.

In conclusion, the fun facts stated above are only some of the things that are interesting to know about pistachios. There are lots more that you can discover, particularly if you take some time to explore this amazing nut and try to add it to your diet. Thus, go ahead and enjoy the powerful nutty fragrance of vivid green pistachios.

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